I created Best Life Apparel -- a clothing line exists to empower believers and non-believers to live their best lives.  I host the podcast Tashara Talks which discusses church, Millennials, life and everything in between. So yeah, I love Jesus. Everything that I do is for Him.

About Tashara

The picture that you see is how I would wave at you if you were driving by! I like to think of my personal website as virtual porch where my readers can come relax, drink a glass of sweet tea, glisten (because Southern Belles don't sweat) under the hot, Southern sun and talk about life. 


If you haven't caught on, I'm a Southern girl. I drink sweet tea. I have a Southern drawl. I drag my words and frequently say "y'all." I am a believer. I love Jesus. Not in a superficial, on the surface type of way. I actually truly, deeply love Jesus on a spiritual level where He is absolutely everything to me. I'm the NexGen Pastor at The Loving Church  in Harvest, AL where I oversee all ministries from diapers to dorms (Loving Kids, REAL Teens & College ministry).

Professionally, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I love my job! I specialize in addiction and mental health treatment. I also serve as a counselor at Bethel Counseling Center.